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Anonymous: He always cuddles me from behind&he pulls my seat out for me in English once when I was gonna sit with him and he rested his head on my shoulder. There's so much more but the catch is thathes a flirt in general :(

Ahhh that’s the worst! But remember, flirts have feelings to!! Maybe he does like you, talk to him?

Anonymous: It crushes me. He doesn't really act the way he does with me with any other girls from our school from my observations... Please help I'm so sad (part,3)

So you want him to do something about it? You should talk to him about how you feel and see if he feels the same way, maybe he’s just shy to ask you out x

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Anonymous: me and this guy text a few days in and a few days out. and its really flirty and full of kisses and emojis. but then we wont talk for about a week, but i really want to talk to him right now... but i dont want to annoy him, he just makes me so happy. but also the thing is over message we are totally flirty, but when it comes to school nothing is mentioned and he's a bit of a jerk. plus none of mine or his friends know we've been talking. what do you suggest?? xx

He seems as though he is taking you for a ride! If he really meant what he said in those texts he would act like it in person :( it’s up to you, but I would suggest finding some else who makes more effort with you x

Anonymous: What type of hints do you mean? How do I get him to notice me :/ x

Say hey a couple of times and get him to catch you stareing at him once or twice (but not creepy!!)

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